Sunday, November 12, 2017

#ShemarMoore wants us to put some RESPECT on his NAME! calls out the BLOGS! [vid]

Shemar Moore was feeling some type of way when he decided to CALL OUT the blogs, particularly BallerAlert!  Moore wants y'all to put some RESPECT on his name!  He says he does not KNOW Phaedra Parks, he is not GAY and his new show is the BOMB and he gonna stay PHYNE at 47 and beyond!!  Here is what he had to say from the HORSE'S MOUTH!!

Now Phaedra egged RUMORS by posting a Photoshopped pic of herself kissing Moore, writing, “The look on #bae face when you tell him tonight is your night.”

Shemar wants EVERYBODY to know...

Y'all better put some RESPECK on Shemar Moore's name! He said he can't date nobody he don't KNOW!! Phaedra, please stop trying to get some FAME off of a onetime meeeting a YEAR ago. Shemar is not here for it! My question is what kinda damn ABANDONED swimming pool hell is he AT? What is this BACKDROP you working with here? IDK..but anyways--Don't get on Shemar's SHIT LIST!


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