Thursday, November 9, 2017

#JenniferHudson NOT ASKED to return to #TheVoice due to 'Diva Antics'? [details]

It appears that Jennifer Hudson's run on the hit reality competition show has run its course!  After just one season, it appears that the 'American Idol' alum was NOT asked to return for another season because of her 'DIVA ANTICS'.  Word from the curb is that one of her fellow coaches 'hates' her and their SCREAMING matches spill from behind the scenes to on-camera.

Word from the curb is that Hudson is a NIGHTMARE to the cast and crew of the hit show and that Blake Shelton and her are at ODDS constantly!

According to a well-connected production source, Hudson and Shelton’s bickering was a huge problem for producers! “Blake cannot stand Jennifer at all. The two are constantly at war both on-camera and off-camera and it has gotten to the point where he cannot even talk to her or look at her,” the source said.

It's just not Blake she has pissed off. Word is that the crew is also at odds with Hudson. “Jennifer does not show up on time and is a complete diva when she does. She is constantly complaining about her outfits and is always unhappy with her hair and make-up,” a well-connected source says.

But wait, there is MORE... Lately, Hudson has been constantly plugging her own production company, JHud Productions, from her judging chair. “She is using this platform for her own gain and she got reprimanded by execs for it,” the source said, adding, “And she still continues to do it anyways.”

But some are calling FOUL on these rumors.  Another source CLAIMS that J-Hud is not getting AXED for her 'diva antics'. It was reported weeks ago that Hudson and fellow Season 13 coach Miley Cyrus will be replaced by Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys for the show’s next season. The reason behind the swap has nothing do with any “feuds” or “diva behavior.” Hudson has been committed for some time to return as a coach on “The Voice UK” in the spring, making her participation on the U.S. version of the show logistically impossible.

Sources are also calling FOUL on her RUN-INS with Blake. A REP for the singer asserts “She and Blake adore each other.” We’re further told, “Every part of this story is silly.” In fact, we already debunked both accusations featured in the RadarOnline story.

On the outside lookign in Hudson appears PLEASANT so it surprises me that this RUMOR even started. But you never know unless you are in the know. So.... At any rate, Miley and Jennifer are DONE-ZO for season 14. Alicia Keys returns and Kelly Clarkson will be joining Blake and Adam in the revolving chairs as judges.

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