Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WATCH: #TheMindyProject season 6 ep 8 'Doctors without Boundaries' [full ep]

The momentum of this final season of The Mindy Project is really starting to build in the best way. We will, presumably, meet no more new characters. (Dr. Mary was likely the final one, and she’s blended in splendidly.) All of our main characters are pairing off — even Leo! — and Jody was the only one left without someone. Now that he’s got Mary, Mindy continues to work at its highest rom-com levels this season, making it feel nearly inevitable that Mindy and Danny will get their destined romantic resolution as well.

For now, our other fledgling couples are working out some generally adorable problems. Tamra, for instance, has decided to convert to Morgan’s religion, Siberian Orthodox, now that they’re getting married and having a baby. For the record, in case it wasn’t already clear, this is not a real religion. (Google will ask if you meant “Serbian Orthodox” if you look it up.) I was raised Russian Orthodox, so this concerned me more than most people. I have never worn a dress like hers, we used electricity on Wednesdays and Fridays, we did not pray 12 times a day, and we did not microwave fish a lot. But I loved seeing Mindy continue its interest in religion — so much so that the writers made up a pretty plausible one — right down to the end. The catch in this story line is that Morgan is chafing (literally, at times, from the traditional garb) at actually following the rules of his religion as perfectly as Tamra. He can’t even be alone in a room with a woman. That could never work long-term for his wonderfully codependent relationship with Mindy.
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