Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WATCH: #TheMindyProject season 6 ep 4 'Leo's Girlfriend' [full ep]

We finally get a significant glimpse at little Leo’s life in this episode. He prefers salad with dressing on the side to ribs (much to Mindy’s chagrin), Danny’s Ma takes care of him during the day, and he likes to hang out with Julie Bowen … uh, I mean his “girlfriend” from school, Daisy.

Perhaps even more significant, Leo’s dad is suddenly back for the home stretch of episodes. I felt palpable relief to see Danny on the show again, especially since he’s acting more like Danny 1.0, the conservative but sweet guy Mindy fell in love with, rather than Danny 2.0, the legitimately sexist jerk face he became to facilitate his departure from the show. As a bonus, Chris Messina is looking extra fine with that slightly salt-and-pepper beard. This all works well with the fact that Danny is getting an annulment (a humorously unexplained detail that he uses to make his situation seem more virtuous than Mindy’s) at the same time that Mindy is getting a divorce. WATCH 'The Mindy Project' season 6 episode 4 BELOW!


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