Thursday, October 12, 2017

WATCH: #AHS7 episode 6 'Mid-Western Assassin' [full ep]

After last week’s tragedy in Las Vegas, the timing of the latest American Horror Story episode is unfortunate — hence some last-minute edits to the cold open, a decision flagged in a title card before the episode and explained in more detail in a statement released by FX.

“This opening, which was filmed two months ago and which portrays an occurrence of gun violence that has sadly become all too common in our country, contains a sequence that some viewers might find traumatic,” the statement reads. And having seen the unedited version (you can still watch it on demand), it’s pretty clear that they made the right call. “Mid-Western Assassin” opens in a crowd of people, all assembled at a political rally for Kai — his voice is unmistakable even though we can’t see his face — and things are getting rowdy. His supporters, ever more numerous, have worked up a robust chant of “We are the wall! We are the wall!”

That’s when the shooting starts.

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