Friday, October 6, 2017

WAKE UP JAM: #FoxyBrown 'Magnetic' feat. #Pharrell [LIVE]

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Let's get it POPPIN with some FOXY BROWN!! Now Foxy had a COMPLETED ALBUM, 'Ill Na Na' part 2 The Fever' I believe it was called.  But for whatever reason, Def Jam decided to SHELVE the whole PROJECT.  This would've came after the SLEPT ON 'Broken Silence' album.  I heard the shelved album and it actually had HITS on it of course--FOXY CAN RAP.  This was one of my FAVES from the album, 'Magnetic' with a BEAT from Pharrell, so you know it's DOPE ALREADY, right?

IN CASE you couldn't get the FULL EFFECT of the TRACK, here it GOES!

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