Monday, October 9, 2017

#Usher's HERPES accuser caught in a BIG FAT LIE! He says when you have sex you assume the RISKS! [audio]

Usher is SPEAKING out about his Georgia accuser in the whol HERPES scandal.  He is claiming that you take a RISK with anybody you have sex with--WHICH IS TRUE by the way.

The singer just filed legal docs disputing the claims of Laura Helm, in which she scoffs at the notion she assumed the risk of contracting genital herpes by having sex with him. She says in her lawsuit she contracted the STD from Usher.
He says, "With a one in six chance that any given partner could have genital herpes, [she] assumed the risk of contracting an STD each and every time she chose to have unprotected sex with a casual, consensual partner."

As reported, Helm told a friend 2 days before filing the lawsuit each time she had sex with Usher he used a condom, but the lawsuit claims on one occasion the sex was unprotected.

Usher is trying to get the lawsuit tossed out based on assumption of risk.

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