Sunday, October 15, 2017

#NickiMinaj says she REINTRODUCED the female rapper BACK to MAINSTREAM! Truth or NAH? [vid]

For XXL mag's 20th Anniversary issue, the REIGNING Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj gave herself a little pat on the back by saying she REINTRODUCED the female rapper back to mainstream.  Now A LOT of people took criticism to this statement, but this is EXACTLY what she said:

“My role in hip-hop has been super unique because when my first album came out, there had been so much time where there wasn’t a female rap album out that went platinum,” she explained. “There wasn’t a big female rap presence right before I got in. So, my role was really reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture.”

DEBATE it or not, she is RIGHT! And when we talk of MAINSTREAM, we are speaking across ALL music GENRES and DEMOGRAPHICS. Some people were citing, well what about Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Queen Latifah, and the like... BUT LISTEN to what the lady said. She didn't DISCOUNT the PIONEERS, she is saying she REINTRODUCED the FEMCEE to the world.

Nicki also delves into hip-hop's influence on, well, everything. “I don’t think [female rappers] got that much credit. I think female rappers have always been dope and influential, but I think I sort of came in at a time where big business was paying attention, so I was able to capitalize off of a lot of deals and business ventures.”

HATE it or LOVE it she DID. Before her there was Kim and Foxy. Moreso Lil'Kim because she had a BIG MAINSTREAM appeal. But then there was really NO female rappers after that ERA that made a mark as big as Nicki Minaj.

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