Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Marathon Runner #JozefUrban crosses finish line with his D*CK & BALLS OUT! [NSFW vid]

This marathon runner took 'BALLS TO THE WALL' to a whole NEW LEVEL!  Jozef Urban was closing in on the finish line at the KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon in Slovakia last weekend when he just FLASHED his WHOLE BEANS and WEENIES out! I guess they needed some AIR!

Check out the NSFW video BELOW!

Urban came in 10th place, but I'm sure he was #1 on the NEWS REELS! I mean maybe he did it to get attention? I mean you WOULD feel the AIR blowing across your balls? And when you run, don't you put on some type pf SUPPORT for that? I mean, i can't have my balls flopping all around like that---IT HURTS! Oh well.... Hopefully he's had children already...LOL.


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