Sunday, October 8, 2017

#Dove apologizes for 'RACIST' ad! [pics]

Dove is UNDER FIRE again for an ad that was deemed RACIST!

The ad that has since been DELETED has a BLACK woman in a DRAB brown shirt, take off her shirt and TURNS into a WHITE woman with a LIGHTER shirt!

Dove has apologized for the insensitive ad.

Apology, ok. You apologized, but a whole TEAM of people came up with this ad and EVERYBODY signed off on it?  I mean there must not be NO diversity on that team to think that this would fly and that it showcased DIVERSITY at all?  I mean, really?  This is not the FIRST time that dove has been LESS than sensitive when trying to tackle diversity.
Remember this one:

So what message does this ad convey.  Before Dove your skin is DRY and DARK, but AFTER, you are soft and WHITE?  HMMM????

OK Dove, get it together....

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