Sunday, October 1, 2017

#DennisGraham gets #Drake tattoo that looks like...somebody else! [pics]

We KNOW that Drake is a HUGE fan of tatts!  He has Aaliyah tattoos, Denzell Washington, Sade, and Lil' Wayne to name a FEW. Well now his FATHER, Dennis Graham is following suit by getting a TAT of his OWN...his SON.  ONLY PROBLEM is, we are not sure if he has a GOOD REFERENCE or if he had a BAD tattoo artist?  The TAT just looks kinda WEIRD. The tattoo was done by an artist by the name of Money Mike and it was done for free we hear.  I guess you get what you 'pay' for... TAKE a LOOK!

WHICH Drake is THIS?

This TATT looks like Daddy Yankee!  I mean Drake has RAPPED about his father being absent in his childhood, maybe this is how he REMEMBERED his son? LOL

Maybe this is MIXTAPE Drake?

Degrassi Drake, maybe?  Hmm looks like Dennis should've gone to the 'Black Ink Crew' for a REAL TATT.  SORRY, this is not GOOD.


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