Thursday, October 26, 2017

#BFV #TamarBraxton's sisters say DIVORCE was LONG OVERDUE! [vid]

Tamar Braxton's SISTERS, Towanda and Trina had some WORDS about Tamar's pending divorce from Vince.  TMZ caught up with the ladies in the airport and cleared the air a little.  Trina gave her approval and Towanda says the SPLIT was ling overdue!  She elaborated that there was TROUBLE in the marriage for some time and that they just got better at HIDING it.  She also said the split was not due to her exit from 'The Real' as some OUTLETS have been reporting. 

Now if you are like me, you have seen EVERY episode of 'Braxton Family Values'.  On the SHOW, you KNOW Towanda always keeps it real and does not mince words, so you know if she said it--it is the GOSPEL!  The LADIES don't seem to SHOCKED or BROKEN up about the split that shows that they have already come to grips with it, or saw it coming a LONG time ago.... SAD, but a split is NEEDED when it is NEEDED.  We hope for the BEST for all of them.  WORD from the CURB is that Tamar wants FULL custody of their son and is not TRYING to pay any form of SPOUSAL support to him.  We will see how this TURNS OUT.

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