Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WATCH: #AHS7 episode 3 'Neighbors From HELL' [full ep]

The phobias continue to multiply in American Horror Story: Cult, and every character is a suspect in Episode 3. Episode 3 opens with Ally's therapist, Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson), speaking with a patient, Rosie, and her husband. Rosie describes her Feretrophobia, a fear of caskets and being buried alive, which stems from being locked in a cupboard as a child by her father. Every time she tried to have sex with her husband, she would be mentally transported into a closed casket. Thanks to Dr. Vincent, Rosie has conquered her fear, and even manages to go to her father's funeral, closing the lid on her trauma. Vincent tells Rosie he's proud of her for "facing the real source of her fear"—her father.

Back at home, Rosie's husband says he has a surprise, and disappears into the other room. Rosie hears a strange noise, and opens the dining room door to find two empty caskets. The clowns—the very same ones who have been haunting Ally and her family—appear and throw Rosie and her husband into the caskets, bolting them shut. Rosie screams and claws at the lid but can't get out.

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