Thursday, September 7, 2017

#TamarBraxton announces new album 'Bluebird of Happiness'... days after breaking down on live social media!

Fans of Tamar Braxton will be excited to know that her new album is just around the corner. She took to social media recently to announce the album title and cover art.

The album features her soul-stirring single "My Man", which is based on her parents' dysfunctional relationship and ultimate divorce. While the forthcoming set is entitled  Bluebird of Happiness, Tamar doesn't seem quite so happy these days herself. This past weekend, she decided to release her frustrations on Instagram Live, sobbing that she refuses to continue to be with someone who constantly treats her like she'd be nothing without them... obviously referring to her husband Vince. She also had this to post:

Vince replied in an interview with Hip Hollywood stating that he's tired of all the rumors, lies, and implications that Tamar doesn't care about him, adding that he's sick of all the blogs. (Sorry Vince, we don't make the news, we just report it!)

No word on a release date for Tamar's new project, but it will definitely be released this fall. Professionally, things seem to be picking back up for Tamar after a tumultuous year of failures, but personally things look pretty rocky. Whatever Tamar and Vince are going through, we hope they are able to get it together. As much as we at The Gamutt may seem to tease and give her a hard time, we really are diehard fans  who have been behind her since that first album that she wants everyone to forget about.

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