Friday, September 22, 2017

STREAM: #Macklemore 'Gemini' project! [album stream]

Macklemore is BACK after an AMICABLE split from Ryan Lewis with a new album, 'Gemini'!

“With this album I think there’s an air of like ‘first thought, best thought’ that I don’t think that Ryan and I really ever tapped into – just being in the booth and feeling an emotion and going with it,” Macklemore told Rolling Stone. “And then the next day you start over and you do it again. Like you watch [Lil] Wayne or you watch JAY-Z record or you know a lot of these new rappers how they record and I think there’s an air of freedom to that method of just like, ‘Let’s just make art, let’s not overthink it, let’s not over-calculate it, let’s not preemptively quantify what this is gonna mean to the world.’ But let’s just make some rap music.”


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