Sunday, September 17, 2017

#ShaunieOneal REVEALS who's STAYING and LEAVING #BasketballWives for the new season! [vid]

Now after this ROLLERCOASTER, hot & cold season, I really thought 'Basketball Wives' was on it's LAST BREATH.  I mean, the exaggerated 'beef' between Tami & Evelyn COOLED by episode 3, and then the contrived beef with Evelyn and Jackie went to levels that were just BELOW THE BELT.  ALSO rehashing and re-introducing PAST CHARACTERS just made it another TURF WAR between the OLD ladies and the youngsters, or Miami vs L.A.  And surprisingly, the BEEF and FIGHTS didn't center around Tami Roman for once. And in an unexpected turn of events, Tami turned into the VOICE of REASON and the proverbial 'bridge' between the generations.  So it remains to be seen of what is to come for season 7.  One of the executive producers, Shaunie O'neal stopped by HipHollywood' to drop the tea on who was STAYING and who is LEAVING the cast!  Take a LOOK and her COLORFUL commentary!

Interesting, so hopefully we see some new and EXCITING faces for the upcoming season, and some of out FAVES return. TRUTH BE TOLD, it wouldn't hurt if they went back to SEPARATE casts. WHY NOT have a LA and Miami version like they did before? I guess it saves money to combine the two shows, but the SOUTH vs WEST clashes are soe PLAYED and DATED. But we shall see what Shaunie and the rest of the EXECS at VH1 have in store for us for the NEXT season.... OF COURSE you got to have Jackie and Malaysia BACK! WHY NOT? And Tami is a MUST HAVE. Shaunie could actually fade into the background and 'produce'. But we know she wants to be in the 'light' sitting on the FENCE between the two sides as usual. SO...HERE's to another SEASON...let's hope there are FIREWORKS ahead!

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