Friday, September 29, 2017

#RHOA season 10 'GIRL'S TRIP' to Barcelona PICS! ONE 'WIFE' left in ATL after HUGE BLOW-UP! [details]

Season 10 of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' is in FULL SWING and the 'WIVES' along with Marlo Hampton have embarked on a TREK to Barcelona, Spain!  Take a LOOK at some of the PICS!! But not all the wives boarded the PLANE!  WORD FROM THE CURB is that there was a HUGE BLOW-UP right before the ladies were to LEAVE and Kenya Moore STORMED AWAY!

WORD FROM THE CURB is that the ladies have been ATTACKING Kenya left and right about her 'MARRIAGE', to the point that Kenya THREATENED to QUIT. BUT SHE IS tied to a CONTRACT. But RIGHT BEFORE the ladies left for SPAIN, there was a HUGE RUCKUS and Kenya left the airport and went back HOME according to!

GET THE TEA HERE! But enjoy a FEW SNAPS while you wait!


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