Friday, September 22, 2017

NEW MUSIC: #MelanieFiona 'Remember U' [audio]

After taking a SHORT BREAK, Melanie Fiona is back with a POWERFUL new single as she preps her 3rd album, 'Next Train'.  On the Jack Splash/Andrea Martin-produced 'Remember U', Fiona laments about all the TRIALS she has been through...something most can relate to.

“Remember U” is what I felt had to be on the album and I’m excited about it being the first single. I think it’s classically and quintessentially who I am as a vocalist and as a singer-songwriter. I love to sing about love, the vulnerability of love, the truth about love, the ugly side of love sometimes, is what I’ve found people loved and appreciated from my music. I never want to shy away from that. “Remember U” is about the aftermath of love, being in a space where you are consumed by memories of someone that you love, but you’re mad and sad at the same time because you don’t want to be in that space anymore. You want to move on. That’s really what this album is about. This album is called Next Train and it’s about propelling forward, forward progression, leveling up, and moving on, getting over things. “Remember U” is just that ode to classic soul, artists I’ve always loved, who’ve inspired me, who’ve done an amazing job, dealing with songs of love and heartbreak, like Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, to name a few of my favorites. That being the foundation of what I do, “Remember U” is really special to me.

Take a LISTEN: 

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