Friday, September 15, 2017

BABY BUMP WATCH! Is #Brandy pregnant? [pics]

It's been speculated for months that singer Brandy may be pregnant with her second child, but she has yet to admit it. Even when I saw her in concert myself a couple months ago, her costume choices  and limited movement on stage suggested that she may be with child. She has also had to cancel a few recent engagements due to hospitalization and even passed out on a flight a few weeks ago. Well, rccent photos of the singer out and about casually show her being thicker than ever before (Brandy is usually known for her slim, fit figure) and even sports what appears to be a developing baby bump. See pics inside.


The 38-year-old singer was spotted earlier this week in Calabasas on a casual stroll. Who's the father, is the question on most people's minds. Well, it's no secret that the singer has been unlucky in love over the years. Her recent situation involving ex, gospel singer Sir the Baptist resulted in her discovering that the singer was married with children while courting her at the same time. If she is indeed pregnant, he would be the father. This would make Brandy a "baby mama" a second time around, as her first child, Syrai, now 15, was with Robert Smith, whom she lied about being married to in order to protect her image. If she is pregnant, congratulations are in order...we think.

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