Thursday, August 10, 2017

WAKE UP JAM: #TeairraMari 'Sponsor' feat. #GucciMane + #SouljaBoy [vid]


I think Teairra Mari made one of the 1st really dope GOLD DIGGER anthems from a female P.O.V. Back in 2010 Teairra dropped 'Sponsor' about having men afford females the finer things in life.  IT'S A TRUE THEORY, it happens everyday so why not SPEAK ON IT!  Teairra enlisted Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy on the track.  I am looking at the video again for the first time and I am seeing some CAMEOS that I didn't realize before.  See if you can spot these FAMOUS females in it!  ALSO, Gucci is not in the actual video....he may have been in PRISON or something, IDK..but at anyrate, Teairra does have some SKILL...hopefully she will ge ta good RECORD this year and get her music game POPPIN' again!

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