Monday, August 28, 2017

#VMA Fail: #RemyMa ATTEMPTS a JAB at #NickiMinaj from backstage! [vid]

So while Nicki Minaj was preparing to close out the VMA with an EPIC performance of 'Swish Swish' with the HOST OF THE SHOW, Katy Perry, Remy Ma was adding another FAIL to her resume.  During a VERY brief COMMERCIAL segue backstage, Remy TRIED to taunt Nicki the way Nicki TAUNTED Miley with the 'What's Good?' LINE.

So Remy, you took the few minutes you had on camera to BRING Nicki up again? She SHOULD'VE given that energy to promoting her upcoming releases or something.  BUT she had to ATTEMPT a LATE, and TIRED JAB at Nicki.  SMH.. GIVE IT A REST... it's over.  I am SURE she won't be invited back next year while Nicki will probably be PERFORMING again.  SAD...

TWITTER was QUICK to chime in on my sentiments:

ONE DAY she will learn.... UNTIL THEN..Nicki, keep breaking RECORDS!


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