Friday, August 11, 2017

TODAY we celebrate 44 years of #HipHop and #DjKoolHerc!! [vid]

ON THIS DAY, August 11, 1973, HIP HOP was BORN!!

It all began with one epic back to school party in the Bronx in early August, 1973. The event's DJ, Kool Herc, got the crowd going by playing a different style of beats, one that focused on a song's breaks — the instrumental sections. (That's also where the name for breakdancing was born.) According to Google's Doodle Blog, Herc's friend Coke La Rock, spoke over those sections as a way to further liven up the performance.

"Hip hop was also rebellion against several norms of the time, including the overwhelming popularity of disco, which many in the community felt had unjustly overshadowed the recent groundbreaking works of James Brown and other soul impresarios from the 60’s," writes Lyor Cohen, YouTube's Global Head of Music and former head of Def Jam Records, on the blog. "Specifically, they felt that the relatable storytelling and emotional truths shared in soul and blues had been lost in the pop-centric sounds of Disco."

Hip hop, Cohen says, brought those truths back to the audience.


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