Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NEW TREND: Hair cuts with FIRE by #MohamedHanafy! [vid]

There is a NEW TREND going down in barbershops lately--haircuts using FIRE! Would YOU do it!?!

Mohamed Hanafy is famous for his fiery haircuts. He says using flames can straighten hair, while also making it stronger. And people just can't seem to get enough, lining up for some fire.

Don't know if that would benefit me or not--LOL.
Hanafy uses a blowtorch and hair products to literally light his clients’ locks on fire to straighten their hair. Hanafy claims that his hot hair treatment allows his clients’ hair to stay straight longer than with traditional methods. He also says that the fire helps preserve color, prevents split ends and destroys removes dandruff. Hanafy says his technique works best on clients with thick hair because it is better at taking the heat.

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