Saturday, August 12, 2017

NEW MUSIC: #Trina 'Get Money' [audio]

Trina, 'The Baddest Bitch' is prepping her new album 'The One' for a September 8th release and ahead of that she offers a NEW SINGLE, 'Get Money'!  Over the Roland sound effect “169 Aaaah!,” sample, Trina raps:

“I’m tryin’ not to trip. Can’t let that jealousy get the best of me, gotta keep my mind on the chip / Money on my mind / That gossip won’t get your stacks up, how you gon’ hustle blind?”

Could be addressing some of her MORE RECENT HATERS like Khia and that other RAPPER CHIC from Miami that started some SOCIAL MEDIA mess with Trina? At any rate--take a LISTEN!

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