Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MAG TAG: #KendrickLamar cover #RollingStone-talks #Beyonce, #Drake and 'wack artists'! [details]

Kendrick Lamar graces the cover of 'Rolling Stone'...again!  In the IN DEPTH article, K.Dot discusses Beyonce, Jay-Z, Drake, 'wack artists' and much more!

My biggest vice is being addicted to the chase of what I'm doing. It turns into a vice when I shut off people that actually care for me, because I'm so indulged spreading this word. Being on that stage, knowing that you're changing people's lives, that's a high. Sometimes, when you're pressing so much to get something across to a stranger, you forget people that are closer to you. That's a vice.

On "ELEMENT." you make that funny distinction between "black artists and wack artists." What, to you, defines a wack artist?

I love that question. How would I define a wack artist? A wack artist uses other people's music for their approval. We're talking about someone that is scared to make their own voice, chases somebody else's success and their thing, but runs away from their own thing. That's what keeps the game watered-down. Everybody's not going to be able to be a Kendrick Lamar. I'm not telling you to rap like me. Be you. Simple as that. I watch a lot of good artists go down like that because you're so focused on what numbers this guy has done, and it dampers your own creativity. Which ultimately dampers the listener, because at the end of the day, it's not for us. It's for the person driving to their 9-to-5 that don't feel like they wanna go to work that morning.

For THE FULL interview, check it out HERE!

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