Friday, August 18, 2017

#JAYZ talks #KanyeWest! Says he CROSSED the LINE-'Don't Talk About My Fam'! [vid]

JAY-Z if FINALLY opening up about his FEUD with Kanye West.  Jay says that West 'CROSSED THE LINE'!  See what he had to say about their SITUATION NOW!!

Jay-Z appeared on the Rap Radar podcast with Elliott Wilson and B. Dot and sais he and Kanye had argued on may occasions, but they knew their BOUNDARIES. No wife. No kids -- that's the "Scarface" rule ... and Kanye West violated it, so says Jay-Z.

Remember back in 2016 when Kanye went on his RANT and he NAMED Beyonce and Blue Ivy on stage before he had his MELTDOWN...

When Kanye mentioned B and the kids, "That's a problem. That's a real REAL problem."

Jay says Kanye knows how seriously pissed off he is ... and the two aren't close to resolving it. LET's HOPE the two can sit down and get things worked on in the near future.


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