Monday, August 7, 2017

#CardiB is the 1st #LHH artist to land a SOLO top 30 hit on the #Billboard Hot 100 Chart! [details]

YES there are A LOT of hip hop artists that have come from or have found NEW LIFE through the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchises.  EVERYBODY and their momma has a single or new music that gets featured on the show from time to time, but it APPEARS that Cardi B is a CUT above the REST.

Her current hit, 'Bodak Yellow'has earned her the title of becoming the only Love & Hip Hop star to land a solo top 30 hit on the Hot 100 chart. Also, Cardi, along with #NickiMinaj and #YoungMA, are the only female rap artists to have scored solo top 30 hits this decade.

‘Bodak Yellow’ opened up at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart just grew weeks ago and jumped to #49 six days later. Just a week after that, the song jumped another 21 spots and now rests at #28.

Now this is GOOD for Cardi B, but this begs the question, DIDN'T K. Michelle's music CHART? We know Remy Ma scored a #1 hit but it wasn't a SOLO chart appearance. I'm going to have to to CHECK these sources about that K. Michelle though....
Maybe they meant 1st 'Love & Hip Hop' artist that started a music career AFTER the show....


  1. K Michelle's biggest "hit" VSOP peaked at #89 on the Billbiard Hot 100. I thought she would've chatted higher. Womp womp!



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