Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#TLC is back! But how many people REALLY care? (No, seriously!) Album FLOPS! [details]

While Jay-Z sits perched atop this coming week’s Billboard albums chart after his 4:44 set achieved platinum status within not even a full week of its release, another album released in the same week did not fare quite as well. That album being TLC’s fan-funded final set. The duo’s long-awaited album achieved almost embarrassing debut sales. How bad? Tuck inside to see how lackluster the album moved…

TLC sold barely over 11,000 units, placing it at a disappointing #41 on the Billboard 200. By comparison, Drake’s Views which was released in May of LAST year, outsold TLC, selling over 14,000 copies.

Why was the album such a flop? Well, there are several contributing  factors. First, even though their fans contributed over $400,000 to the duo’s Kickstarter fund to create the album, that enthusiasm fizzled the closer the release date approached. The momentum of the promotion slowed to a near halt and there was really no time to build up excitement for its release, with its debut single being released only a month before the set and the video being released one week prior. The album boasts no big name producers nor guest features (aside from Snoop Dogg). It’s almost as if it was a last minute rush job or an afterthought. Plus, with Jay-Z’s releasing of his project on the same day, interest in 4:44 totally eclipsed any concern about TLC. And moreover, TLC just isn’t the same with the “L”. The absence of Left Eye on the album (aside from a spoken interlude) leaves very much to be desired and most fans feel that an album shouldn’t have even been recorded without her.

Perhaps they can generate some promotion through touring, but the album is going to need a strong single and more than some low budget videos to move some units off some shelves. If not, they may find themselves in the cut-out discount bin at Walgreens.

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