Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MAG TAG: #BlackPanther cast on #EntertainmentWeekly! PLOT details REVEALED! [pics]

We are all SUPER AMPED up about the Marvel film 'Black Panther' impacting in February 2018!  Now we have some new PLOT DETAILS about the upcoming movie and it's political relevance.  The CAST of the movie appear on the LATEST 'Entertainment Weekly', and star, Chadwick Boseman dishes on what we can expect from the movie!

via: Entertainment Weekly

What does the powerful owe those in need?

That’s the morality play at the heart of all superhero stories. It separates the good-guys from the villains. What value is strength unless you’re using it to help someone? With great power comes great … you know.

Responsibility is at the core of Marvel’s new Black Panther film as well, telling the story of a young ruler eager to fulfill his role as the protector of the most advanced nation on Earth while facing challenges and even attacks from some of those he’s keeping safe.

Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa is conflicted because he watched his father T’Chaka die while trying to reach out to other nations in Captain America: Civil War. “That hasn’t traditionally been their attitude towards the rest of the world. [T’Chaka] wanted to step out of those boundaries,” the actor told EW during our visit to the set. “It’s a like a new leader taking power and trying to figure out if he should do it the older traditional way. You would think the younger man would want to do something different than the father, but the father – for a reason that I don’t want to say – was thinking ahead and beyond those boundaries.”

T’Challa’s impulse is to withdraw again, but as the heir to the mantle of Black Panther, running away isn’t his style, even when wounded. Everything he has learned in his life drives him to fight harder, to never back down. That’s part of the character of his homeland, too.

Wakanda is strong on its own. It’s the most advanced nation on Earth, full of technological wonders and wealthy beyond what the rest of the world can even imagine, thanks to its deposits of rare Vibranium. The nation is secretive. Closed off from outsiders. It pretends to be just another struggling, African country – but some of its neighbors are struggling for real.

If Wakandans don’t stand up for themselves, who will? But if they stand only for themselves, then who are they?


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