Friday, July 14, 2017

#LHHH season 4 OFFICIAL cast Pics! PEEP who got DEMOTED! [details]

'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' is gearing up for an EXPLOSIVE season 4, and we have the OFFICIAL cast photos!  Check out which cast REGULAR got DEMOTED though!!!

Word from the CURB is that Masika Kalysha got DEMOTED!  As you can see she is ABSENT from the GROUP SHOT.  The word is that the producers wanted Masika and Alexis Skyy to film scenes together.  AS YOU KNOW, Masika got PREGNANT by Fetty Wap--ALLEGEDLY while he was still dating Alexis.   This is what Masika had to say on the issue:

So with all the new 'blood' on this season, it's safe to say that Willie and his wife and Brandi and Max B are OFF THE CANVAS this season...and won't be missed...

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