Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#LHHATL News: #JoselineHernandez has a FEW choice words for VH1 + #MonaScottYoung! [vid]

IF you WATCHED the FINALE of season 6, LHHATL, you saw a MONTAGE of clips depicting Joseline Hernandez as an UNRULY cast mate that has ALWAYS been a PROBLEM with the cast, security and PRODUCTION!

Hernandez is LIVID that they would depict her in that light considering she hasn't gotten in a fight in 4 years (according to her) and she is PISSED OFF at the depiction!  She also claims VH1 and Mona Scott-Young owe her over 150k in unpaid royalties for the show and her pregnancy special. She also CONFIRMS that she QUIT the show because Mona does not RESPECT her.  Take a look at the FIERY exchange after the JUMP!

Joseline should know that they did that to RAMP UP viewership for the REUNION and that it's all for RATINGS... WE WILL BE WATCHING!!!

BY THE WAY, is it ME, or does Jos sound CLEARER, more COHERENT and actually looks BETTER....being a MOM may have gotten her to STOP some 'BAD HABITS'....IJS...


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