Thursday, July 27, 2017

#JustinBieber nearly RUNS paparazzi over with his truck! [vid]

The PAPARAZZI will one day learn that you can't CHASE CELEBS down and not suffer some circumstances.

Justin Bieber was leaving a church service in Beverly Hills when he was bombarded by the papz!  Justin quickly got into his TRUCK and tried to get away when he accidentally hit a photog in the knee!  Of COURSE the TMZ camera's were there and captured it all on tape!

According to TMZ, Bieber stayed behind for approximately 10 minutes, until paramedics arrived. He spoke with police about the incident and was then allowed to leave.

BUT there appears to be no hard feelings towards Justin. After the incident, the injured photog spoke about how compassionate Bieber was and that he was a 'good kid'. SO...maybe he won't SUE...maybe he will... we'll see...

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