Monday, July 31, 2017

#CharlamagneThaGod receives BACKLASH from trans-community for transphobic remarks on #TheBreakfastClub! [vid]

Outspoken radio & tv personality Charlamagne Tha God of the infamous 'The Breakfast Club' recently came under FIRE for some alleged TRANSPHOBIC commentary on his morning show he is a part of.  EQUALLY OUTSPOKEN comedian Lil' Duval was discussing transgender women in light of RECENT CELEBS getting 'caught' having INTERACTIONS with women from that community.

The CONTROVERSY began last week when the crew brought up the topic of Donald Trump's proposed BAN of transgenders from the military.  It shifted to male celebs that tecently have been 'caught' allegedly having RELATIONSHIPS with transwomen. Comedian Lil Duval was on "The Breakfast Club" and said if he ever discovered he'd unknowingly slept with a transgender woman, that woman would be "dying." In case you missed it, let's REVISIT:

Fast forward to this weekend, Charlamagne was speaking at Politicon in Pasadena this weekend and members of the TRANSGENDER came out to PROTEST him and 'The Breakfast Club'. Some were chanting "We are not a joke! Trans people are not a joke!"

Now I watched the interview.  This is MY TAKE.  The hosts of the show shifted the convo to Donald Trump's proposed ban on TRANSGENDERS in the military. To Lil' Duval's credit he TRIED not to even SPEAK on the issue.  The SHOW shifted the conversation BACK to transgenders and that's when Lil' Duval made the COMMENT he made.  Charlamagne and the reest of the hosts made it CLEAR they DID NOT condone or ENDORSE his statements.  And if you saw the video, he made it in JEST I think.  He has always spoken about his sister being a LESBIAN so he is of sorts an advocate for the LGBT community.  Now his COMMENT was met with LAUGHTER, but again he is a COMEDIAN and comedians say things for SHOCK VALUE.  The SHOW didn't make him say what he said.  By him being on the show, nor did they ENDORSE his statements.  Charlamagne spoke on the show this morning about the incident and he said he would not be held accountable for the WORDS of another man--rightfully so.  Duval however held STRONG to his stance.  He took to SOCIAL MEDIA over the weekend to address the situation as well.


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