Friday, July 7, 2017

#BlacChyna's SIDE PIECE #Ferrari TROLLS #RobKardashian on IG! [pics]

During Rob Kardashian's TIRADE against Blac Chyna and one of her SIDE D*CKS, Rob mentioned that Chyna was sleeping with other men with 250k of jewels he bought her.  He even called one of her 'suitors' out for being POOR!  Said guy goes by the name of Ferrari (real name: Rarri True) and he took to IG to let Rob know he is FAR from BROKE!  In the process more RISQUE pis of him and Chyna are revealed!

A post shared by Only 1 Ferrari (@ferraritru3) on

A post shared by Only 1 Ferrari (@ferraritru3) on

Want to see MORE of Ferrari?
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Ferrari, a rapper, was outside Capitol Records in Hollywood Thursday. The up and coming rapper seemed unfazed by being square in the middle of the feud. Rob's called him out for bedding Chyna, but Ferrari surprised many by NOT firing heat back at Rob.

He must have money, right??

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