Sunday, June 11, 2017

WATCH: #OITNB season 5 ep 3 'Pissters' [full ep]

Worried over the public backlash – and celebrity chef Judy King – MCC decides to give in to the inmates and meet their demands. Linda tries to fit in with the inmates, but is shocked at the substandard conditions. Piper and Alex, looking at Linda's phone, are shocked to find photos of her kissing Caputo. The inmates work together to compile a list of demands, which includes reinstating the GED program, better healthcare, amnesty for the inmates involved in the riot, the arrest of CO Bayley for Poussey's death, and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Bayley, meanwhile, goes to the police station and tries to confess to murder, but the police dismiss him as a drunk vet back from Iraq with PTSD and put him in the drunk tank. A frightened Judy King, a victim of a random pantsing by meth heads Angie and Leanne, attempts to escape but is attacked by the white supremacists. The COs, locked in a room, plot to regain control after Artesian's tip that the inmates don't have a gun anymore. As they prepare to attack the inmates, Caputo sees Linda among them.  WATCH 'Orange Is The New Black' season 5 episode 3 after the JUMP!

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