Monday, June 26, 2017

The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of the #BETAwards 17! [details]

The BET Awards is ANNUALLY one of the most TOUTED and TALKED ABOUT award shows to hit TELEVISION.  That being said, they most times knock it out of the part, but a SHOW of this caliber doesn't always go off without a HITCH.  There are some HITS and MISSES every year and we are going to TALK ABOUT it RIGHT HERE!  Let's BREAK IT DOWN---the GOOD the BAD and the damn right UGLY!!

Now let's start off with the GOOD.  There were a lot of GOOD things about the AWARDS show.

Me being from the OLD SKOOL as I have painfully been reminded, seeing some of the OLDER ACTS still BRINGING IT was a DEFINITE 'GOOD' for me.

Chris Brown's performance was ENERGETIC and he got the CROWD HYPE as usual.  However, I was a bit PUZZLED why much of his performance was in darkness.  I think that was a technical error.  There were many of those throughout the night, but we will get to that in a bit.  Breezy still managed to do his thing and the choreography was on point as we expect from him.

Xscape! What more can I say.  After being apart for nearly 18 years, the ladies came together to prove that they still got IT!  They looked GREAT and sounded better.  NOW, some of those OUTFITS were a little QUESTIONABLE, but hey, we'll let that slide.  I am sure the ladies got backstage and started thinking that they could've stayed together and been making money all these years!

Mary J. Blige is and will ALWAYS be a DRAW!  She looked GREAT, that first note or two was a lil' off, but it wouldn't be a MARY show with out some SOUR NOTES and some FAMILY REUNION dance she GETS a 'GOOD' almost everytime.

Of COURSE, Chance the Rapper, Humanitarian Award.  HOW DOPE is that.  Him being so YOUNG and DOING all he has DONE for Chicago and beyond, you gotta LOVE THAT!! Keep doing your thing YOUNG MAN!

NOW THE ULTIMATE of the night was the MULTI-GENERATIONAL tribute to NEW EDITION!  NE is THE GREATEST Boy bands to ever do it!  They won the Lifetime Achievement Award and did not DISAPPOINT.  They performed a medley then were joined onstage by all of 'The New Edition Story' cast members for one MEGA PERFORMANCE in WHITE!  It was to me the PERFORMANCE of the NIGHT!!!!

Okay now let's get to the BAD...

Some of y'all will HATE me for this one, but oh well.... GET OVER IT in advance!  Bruno Mars!!  Now I like him. I like his current HITS..... But he didn't bring the hits.  To kick off a show of this magnitude you have to BRING IT!!!!  Beyonce has SAVED the DAY on so many occasions, but in comparison to past OPENERS, this fell flat for me.  He performed a relatively NEW single, 'Perm;.  Now he had the SWAG and the BLACK B-BOY sidekicks, but it was just EHHHH for me.  He should've PIMPED it all the way out and do a MEDLEY of '24k' and 'That's What I Like'.  Save the 'Perm' for the WHITE award shows.  But for THE NET AWARDS, play the songs we are familiar with!  IJS.

Another 'BAD' was that Post Malone/Migos MASHUP. What was Post Malone on?  I mean he looked like a 'Dollar Tree' Barbie doll and was dressed in clothes from all 4 seasons at once.  And Migos.  I like them, but the mumble rap is too much.  Give them 2 minutes and that's ENOUGH.

Another 'BAD' of the EVENING was a wasted opportunity to do a Prodigy tribute. They had both of the PLAYERS in place.  Lil' Kim and Havoc.  The TWO of them could've EASILY do a little 2-step to 'Quiet Storm' in remembrance of Prodigy!  And surprisingly, Lil' Kim looked pretty pulled together and the MAKE-UP was matching.

Also, what was El Debarge on?  The THOUGHT was there.  El doing George Michael was perfect, but El can't hit the notes like he used to.  And if you got HD, you can CLEARLY see them years and drugs have not been KIND to his SKIN....looked like 3 miles of bad road.  And the little guy doing the Johnny B. Good thing...WHAT WAS THAT?  CONFUSING!

Another BAD was all the TECHNICAL PROBLEMS.   I mean I know it's HARD to put on a SHOW like this without some PROBLEMS but DAMN.  The LIGHTING was OFF for Chris Brown, presenters reading and introducing the WRONG PEOPLE.  I mean did Issa Rae deserve that?  If MC Lyte didn't make the correction, I mean REALLY.  And after New Edition accepted their award and they were changing for their set, I mean did we have to have 4 miutes of DEAD AIR?  I mean Leslie could've done one of her DRY SKITS or some DANCERS come out to entertain us or something!?  And can anybody tell me how in the HELL did they change clothes so fast?  That is still a MYSTERY!  It prolly was Bobby HOLDING everybody up--LOL.

And BACK to MC LYTE.  It ain't no BET AWARDS unless we hear MC LYTE on the MIC.  But really, they had Lyte up there with a computer that wasn't on a vice principal intercom system, and a 3 ring binder?  I mean they couldn't spring for a iPad and a Janet Jackson head set?  She up there with a NOTEBOOK like a TRAPPER KEEPER? NO---let's step into 2017 why don't we.  LOL.  But we LOVE Lyte and she knows she will ALWAYS have a JOB at BET!

Now let's get to the UGLY and there was some UGLY!!!

TREY SONGZ come to the front please!  WHAT WAS THAT!?? The voice wasn't there, the growling, goat-like vocals.  The performance was all over the place and went NOWHERE.  The SINGLES were not big enough to be move the crowd and the EXECUTION wasn't up to SNUFF.  Sorry, not sorry. IT was a MISS and they could've took those minutes to add to Mary and Xscape's performances.  VERY FORGETTABLE!!!  Thank goodness Chris Brown was there to save it for MALE R&B singers cause Trey KILLED IT....literally.  IT Wasn't GOOD!

ALSO the let's address the PINK elephant in the ROOM.  REMY MA's Best Female Rap Award.  HOW SWAY?  I mean I like her enough.  I don't like the 'BEEF' between her and Nicki, but she has some skills.  In a CATEGORY with Missy and Young MA. and Cardi B and NICKI do we REALLY think Remy was QUALIFIED.  She had a decent year. Sure she had two singles that made noise..WITH FAT JOE.  Her RISE to FAME since getting out of jail was on the heels of the Nicki beef.  'SHEther was ok.  But did she write it.  When she came with the 2nd diss it was We are CONFUSED. She didn't have any charting singles or albums---NICKI did... But when NICKI announced she was not attending, I feel BET GAVE the award to Remy to CAPITALIZE on the beef.  And what does Remy do, use her acceptance speech to throw a few jabs at Nicki, So much for FEMALE UNITY, right?  But the UGLY part is that she and her fans think she really earned that award.  Smart people know better.  But congrats to her on the only award she will probably win this year.

AND another UGLY  didn't really HAPPEN at during the show.  What's with all the ANIMOSITY these type shows BIRTH.  Migos and Joe Budden nearly coming to blows on the red carpet over FOOLISHNESS.  AND after the show Migos and Chris Brown's CREWS having a little RUN IN.  WHAT'S THAT ABOUT..Can we all just GET ALONG and make GOOD MUSIC!

Now LET'S GO IN on Leslie Jones a lil bit.  SHE WASN'T BAD...but she gotta get a little SHADE for her DRY SKITS that just missed the MARK and her LOUD, BRASH over the TOP hosting style.  It was OK.  We've had better though, but she did alright.  When she CLEANS up she is OK.. but she kept that RED JUMPSUIT on a little too long.  I know he had pit stains and smell RANCID in the CROTCH area, but that's that.  SHE PULLED OFF a very HARD hosting JOB.

BUT ALL IN ALL The BET Awards is still one of the PREMIERE awards shows out...flaws and all...

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