Thursday, June 22, 2017

#RHOA News: #NeNeLeakes has a few words for any WIVES not happy at her RETURN! [pics]

It appears that NOT all of the 'WIVES' in the peach orchard are happy for NeNe Leake's return.  Does NENE care--NOT A LITTLE BIT.  The OG housewife had a few words for any and everyone who has a problem with her returning to the show she helped make into an household name....well maybe a PICTURE can tell a thousand words.... Here it goes...

Now word from the CURB is that this post is aimed DIRECTLY at Porsha Williams.  You know there is no LOVE LOSS between the two.  On a recent episode of 'Dish Nation', Gary With the Tea gushed about NeNe's return to the show and Porsha seemed less than thrilled.  This is what Porsha had to say:

“She has been waiting,” said Porsha. “I am glad she got her job back. Yeah, you gotta be pretty excited to go do a full photo shoot—all this, that,” she said. “I’m glad. I’m happy for you. I am glad you are happy.”

Even with that statement, you could clearly see that Porsha was not that amused... And NENE caught that light shade and THREW a little back at her.... This upcoming season is going to one of the MESSIEST I predict....

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