Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#NoID to produce #JAYZ's entire new album! [details]

JAY-Z has proven to have a GREAT TRACK record with prolific producer, NO I.D. You may recall he was the man behind Hova's MONSTER hit, 'D.O.A'! The two have also colloborated on, “What We Talkin’ About,” “Thank You,” “A Star Is Born,” “Already Home,” “Success,” “Fallin’,” Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” and Watch the Throne’s “Primetime.”

So it should come as no surprise that No I.D. has been tapped to produce the entire '4:44' project.

via Rap-UP

In 2007, he began to work with JAY-Z through Jermaine Dupri. Together, they worked on Hov’s Nas-assisted “Success.” “So we’re in the studio and LeBron’s there, and Beyonce’s there, and I was off to the side with my headphones on doing the beat on my laptop,” No I.D. told Complex in 2011. “Everyone kept looking at me like ‘What’s this guy doing over there on his computer?’ No keyboard–I was just on my MacBook. I’m sure they thought I was just surfing the net or something.

“Jay and Jermaine looked over at me like ‘What do you got?’ So I play it and Jay’s like ‘Awww shit that’s it. Get that laptop back out and let’s do some more,'” he continued. “So that was the first time we jousted like that in the studio. It was also my first Nas collaboration, and the record really put me back in motion.”

And the REST is HISTORY, right?  RIGHT.

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