Monday, June 26, 2017

#Migos + #JoeBudden nearly come to blows during #BETAwards carpet interview! [vid]

The BET Awards is arguably one of the BIGGEST shows on TV every year.  So of course there is a lot going on particularly on the red carpet.  So DJ Akademics & Joe Budden were doing an interview with Migos.  The interview got PRICKLY when it appeared that Akademiks couldn't hear the ANSWER to an ill-conceived question he gave to one of the members of the group.  Budden can noticeably be seen getting ANNOYED.  Once he tries to PREMATURELY end the interview and stands up in DISGUST to walk off--the EXCITEMENT starts.  Migos, obviously feeling DISRESPECTED, reacts!  TAKE A LOOK!!

Now you know this is not Budden's first time having a STRUGGLE with the 'Everyday Struggle' segment.  So who's side are you on with this one???

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