Thursday, June 8, 2017

#MaryJBlige has to break #KenduIsaacs off a BIG CHUNK of Alimony! [details]

Mary J. Blige's DIVORCE is NEARING an end, but her BANK ACCOUNT is taking a HUGE hit in the process!

The COURTS have ordered Blige to pay Isaacs 30k a month in TEMPORARY spousal support. Earlier this year, Isaacs originally requested $129,319 a month in support, citing that he was no longer working as her manager, and therefore didn’t have a job. Blige and Isaacs, who were married for almost 13 years, have no kids together, and Blige alleged that Isaacs cheated during their marriage.

The judge also noted that Blige would be responsible for retroactive payments going back to September, and Isaacs’ attorney fees, for a total amount of $235,000.

Now we don't know how TEMPORARY these payments are, but at least he didn't get the 130k he was inititally asking for. And we must not forget that Mary and Kendu are in DEBT to the IRS as well. I hope this NEW TOUR and CD is making MONEY or else MJB could be sitting on the outside of the DANCERIE looking in...

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