Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MAG TAG: EX #LHHH star #MilanChristopher goes TOTALLY NUDE in racy #PaperMag spread! [pics]

What's good for the GANDER is also good for the GOOSE, or howerver that goes.  Former 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' star Milan Christopher has taken a PAGE from Kim Kardashian's playbook by going totally NUDE for 'Paper Mag'!  The 'SPREAD' (pun intended) is quite RACY to say the LEAST!

Milan told Paper:

"You know as a male music artist or man in general showing your male genitalia is so taboo in our culture -- but it's ok for Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna to do it as females."

Check out the NSFW FLICKS after the JUMP!

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