Thursday, June 1, 2017

#LHHATL season 6 REUNION SPOILERS! Paternity TEST SHOCK! Key player QUITS! [details]

We still have some 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' season 6 left, but the REUNION began TAPING last night and the DRAMA was thick as USUAL!

There was a PATERNITY TEST SHOCKER and one MAIN CHARACTER QUITS the show and calls out the CREATOR, Mona Scott!

Here is what we know so FAR....

It appears that Joseline and Mimi 'The Maid' are still at odds!  Word from the CURB is that Joseline called child protective services on Mimi citing that she was UNFIT to care for her daughter with Stevie J, Eva!  Also, Joseline allegedly had a PROBLEM with the seating arrangement.  She only wanted to be seated next to Melissa and Jessica, so when she didn't get her way, she causes a BIG STINK and QUITS the show.  She also ALLEGEDLY calls out the SHOW'S creator, Mona Scott-Young with THREATS of EXPOSING some DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS about her to the WORLD!

Elsewhere, Moriah dipped out of the taping before it was over...
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Elsewhere it appears that the PATERNITY TEST was revealed and that GUY who stepped up claiming he was the FATHER..ISN' it COULD be KIRK'S after all...
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As more TEA is SPILLED we will UPDATE YA!

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