Saturday, June 17, 2017

#KenyaMoore confirms 'marriage'.. EX #mattJordan speaks out about it! [details]

In the past few days we have been hearing that RHOA co-star Kenya Moore had MARRIED in a 'secret' wedding'.  Now WE HAVE our doubts given Moore's PAST track record.  Just last year she was in a VOLATILE relationship with trainer and entrepreneur Matt Jordan.

Now it appears that Kenya has 'confirmed' her union, but Matt Jordan has some words on the subject.  The QUICKIE wedding gave Matt the NOTION that Kenya was seeing her new 'HUSBAND' during the time she was in a relationship with him!

Here is what MATT had to say on the 'UNION'.

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Matt still seems to be holding a torch for his ex, but at least now he can move on..  Kenya APPEARS to have gotten what she had been seeking since we met her on RHOA.  Everybody DESERVES to be happy in love..if this is indeed that.  I suppose we will see as the potentially EXPLOSIVE season 10 of RHOA gets closer....

GOOD LUCK to all parties involved...

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