Monday, June 26, 2017

#JoeBudden EXPLAINS his anger during the #Migos interview! [details]

By now we have seen the PRICKLY interview between Migos, DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden.  In case you missed [here it is].  SO NOW Joe Budden explains why he was mad during the interview and what set him OFF!!

Joe said he had had ENOUGH!!!

So let's DECIPHER this.  Budden said he had had enough.  He could easily be saying he has had ENOUGH of the new skool of HIP HOP.  I mean today's HIP HOP is definitely like the HIP HOP of my generation.  We had NAS & JAY Z, but today we have MUMBLE RAP and RAPPERS in women's CLOTHING.  So that could be one thing that made him mad.  Then he goes on to say they were too 'SASSY'.  That could be CODE for too feminine, maybe?  We ALL know today's stars love to be FLUID with their FASHION.  Women in blouses and dresses and things.  But that's just the SIGN of the TIMES.  It happens!  When we get older all tastes are not our tastes anymore.  But luckily nothing REALLY happened, but Budden is one rap pioneer that won't be invited to Migo's bbq this summer.....

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