Thursday, June 15, 2017

#JayZ becomes the 1st RAPPER inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! [details]

JAY Z makes HISTORY again. Tonight he will become the ONLY rapper inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame!

Celebs around the industry are showing PRAISES to Shawn Carter for his accomplishments! Tidal has launched a commemorative page with PRAISES from Jay Z's contemporaries and more!

Artists like Andre 3000, Pharrell, Rakim, Scarface, Chuck D and more have left posts to congratulate Jay Z! You can visit hte page HERE.

Here is just a TASTE of they are saying about Hova:
 3 Stacks said:

“Jay Z’s contribution to music as a writer is pivotal. You can hear his wit and hustle stylings in the backbones of some of the biggest and respected artists of today,” reads the OutKast member’s note. “But even more importantly, he has verbally taught new generations how to understand their personal worth and create opportunities for others around them.”

Scarface said Jay Z “gotta be the best songwriter of all time” because he writes everything in his head, without the use of a pen—or an iPhone.

Visit TIDAL for more JAY praises and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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