Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#BasketballWives News: #JenniferWilliams RETURNS and Evelyn goes after Jackie's head! [vid]

This season of 'Baskeball Wives' started off with so-so.  ALL of the BUILD-UP of an Evelyn/Tami showdown QUICKLY died down.  They had us to THINK there was going to be a BIG CLASH, but the two QUICKLY got over whatever little 'BEEF' they had and went back to being FRIENDS, which lead us to think there never really was any real BEEF to begin with.  If you can forgive and forget THAT quickly, the shit wasn't that BIG OF A DEAL to begin with.

AFTER THAT, the rehashed the Brandi/Shaunie drama and Evelyn found her self SIDING with with her OLD LADY GANG 'friends' against the L.A. girls again.  AGAIN--another WORN and TATTERTED storyline that needs to be PUT TO BED.

BUT wait...the MID SEASON teaser promises, FINALLY, some REAL drama.  Evelyn has been SIMMERING in the background for a minute, but Jackie's ANTICS have rubbed her the WRONG way it seems and these two FINALLY have the DRAG-OUT knockdown we've been waiting for.  Also an 'Basketball Wives' OG returns---Jennifer Williams comes back and she has a  BONE or TWO to pick with her old FRENEMIES.  CHECK IT OUT....

FINALLY some REAL DRAMA...maybe.....

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