Sunday, June 18, 2017

#AllEyezOnMe producer defends movie despite #JadaPinketSmith's CLAIMS! [vid]

Jada Pinkkett-Smith went on RECORD to SLAM the new Tupac biopic for having INACCURACIES in the way her and the late rap icon's relationship was.

One of the pruducers of the movie stands my the portrayal of these two in the film.

L.T. Hutton tells TMZ he’s hurt and disappointed Jada decided to blast ‘Eyez’ for including conversations and situations that never happened in real-life. He explained he and the filmmakers took a few liberties because they were trying to show who Tupac was, who he wanted to be … and who he had to be.

Hutton says he studied Jada’s own words about Pac in interviews, and feels she was fairly represented. He made it clear, he had no intention of hurting her, and last he’d heard … she was all good with the film.

People have to realize that it is a FILM and some LIBERTIES are always taken in biopics like this, particularly when some of the parties are no longer living. And at the end of the day, it is ENTERTAINMENT. You have to make it so that it is entertaining as well. Maybe they should've consulted Jada about the her and Pac's interaction instead of just relying on past interviews to make it more realistic. I mean, she is HERE. She LIVED it, why not consult her?

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