Monday, May 8, 2017

WATCH: #RHOA season 9 ep 24 'Reunion' part 4 [full ep]

The DRAMA of season 4 comes to a HEAD when Phaedra Parks is GRILLED from all sides after it is revealed that she STARTED all of the RUMORS of the season about Kandi.  Porsha is LEFT rocked to her core after finding out her 'FRIEND' let her take the FALL for all of her LIES.  Kandi is pushed to her BREAKING POINT when she finds out.  The SHOW DOWN puts all the ladies in TEARS and leaves Andy SHOCKED!  Take a LOOK at the CONCLUSION of the 'RHOA' season 9 reunion!

Kandi is a big woman for being able to go on after the news that her once upon a time BESTIE was the ROOT of all of the RUMORS about her.  Phaedra is finally getting roasted for her shady doings.  Since she came on the show, Phaedra would talk behind these ladies' backs then put on another  PERSONA in their faces.  This is finally her day of reckoning, and from what we saw, she didn't seem to have much remorse.  She MANIPULATED Porsha because she KNEW she could.  And if she did not get CALLED OUT on her shit, she would've Continued to keep the lies GOING.  It will be INTERESTING to see what her status on the NEXT season will be... And if her and Porsha's FRIENDSHIP can survive...

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