Thursday, May 25, 2017

WATCH #BlackInkCrewChicago SUPERTRAILER here! [details]

The GLOVES are off and the INK is ready for another WILD RIDE with the Black Ink Crew CHICAGO CLIQUE!  The HIT VH1 reality show RETURNS this SUMMER, but from the LOOKS of the TRAILER, the DRAMA heats up WAY BEFORE then!  Take a LOOK and get into the SHENANIGANS of the UPCOMING season!

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In the Black Ink Crew: Chicago supertailer, things are all types of different this time around as it seems majority of the crew is in a relationship. Ryan is back with his high-school sweetheart, Rachel (sorry ladies), Don and Ashley are still married, Phor is serious with his girl Nicole, and even Charmaine found herself a man. Although ish is looking sweet, you quickly see this season isn’t short of any drama.

Van’s making claims that since Ryan has been in a relationship, 9 Mag has been failing. Sound familiar? (Oh, hey Cease, hey Dutch!) Tensions come to blows as Van hits Ryan’s perfect face with a mean right hook and even comes at last season newbie Junior Diaz. Cobra is back, even though she destroyed half of 9 Mag last time, it looks like Ryan has forgiven her. She and Charmaine are most likely still not cool which is unfortunate because Cobra clearly has a thing for the ladies. She has her eye on the newest artist who has her eye on Cobra AND Junior. Messy.

Ashley ain’t no fool and she certainly isn’t sitting home like one. Don had his fun and now it’s her turn and surprisingly Don isn’t the only one who has a thing for strippers. In an attempt to find Jesus for their relationship to be back on track, Don is looking like he caught the Holy Ghost, not in a good way, when Ashley gifts him with a positive pregnancy test.

Phor and Nicole say they’re serious so why is he sending Kat flowers? We don’t know yet but that’s probably why Nicole is going bat s–t crazy destroying everything but the boy. People are fighting, Charmaine is daring people to hit her, Van is breaking and entering, Don is hitting cameras away again, Danielle is crying, and Ryan is just plain tired.

Despite all the BS going on in the shop and in dangerous Chicago, Ryan is still clinging on to hope. Watch to see how the season unfolds when Black Ink Crew: Chicago returns this summer and Young M.A. is in the trailer!? OOOOUUUUUU!

Looks like A LOT has happened since we seen them LAST, right!? This SUMMER is going to be a HOT TIME in the CITY for SURE! CHI-TOWN!!!

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