Monday, May 29, 2017

STREAM: #Vacations #Drake + #Sade MASH-UP playlist 'More Love' [audio]

Drake has been VERY vocal about his ADMIRATION and LOVE for Sade!  He even got a Sade tattoo to boot.  Remember the two were slated to collaborate back in 2010 for Sade's 'The Moon and the Sky' but it never panned out and Sade tapped Jay Z for the remix instead.  Well, Brooklyn DJ/producer Vacations just dropped a 5-piece playlist that BLENDS Drake's songs with Sade's!!

The opener, “Can’t Cherish Everything,” combines “Cherish the Day” from Love Deluxe with “Can’t Have Everything” off More Life. In between, Vacations mashes Sade’s “Give It Up” off Stronger Than Pride with the 6 God’s “Get It Together” to create “Give It Up, Get It Together.” There are MORE GEMS on the list as well all culminating with Drake’s “Passionfruit” blended with “Never Thought I’d See the Day”! TAKE A LISTEN!

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